2021 Open Day

This page provides all the information you’ll need to make the most out of the Inaugural Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day.

Visit our Inaugural Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day

Trail Guide and Map

Ticket holders will be emailed a digital PDF of the Trail Guide and Map in the week before the event.

The Trail Guide will include addresses of all gardens, information on facilities and activities, and garden descriptions – everything you need to plan your day on the Samford Edible Garden Trail.

Information on tours and activities is found below. For those people keen to hear it direct from the gardener you can join in on one of the two tours held at each garden. But remember you don’t need to join a tour, you are welcome to meander through the gardens in your own time, and if you are keen to ask a question or two the garden hosts should be very easy to spot (they will have one of our official purple t-shirts on).

TimeWhat’s onLocation
0900Gourmet mushroom cooking demonstration with Madi Mushroom Pause Restaurant, Samford Village
0900Millen Farm tourSamford Village
0930Sustainable Hilltop Farm tourDayboro
0930Landscaping for productivity garden tourHighvale
1000Treechangers acreage escape garden tourHighvale
1000Perennial permaculture garden tourHighvale
1030Productive suburban plot tourFerny Hills
1030Upcycled down-to-earth garden tourHighvale
1100Food forest paradise garden tourMt Samson
1130Lot 81 tourFerny Hills
1200Millen farm tourSamford Village
1300Food forest paradise garden tourMt Samson
1300Perennial permaculture garden tourHighvale
1330Landscaping for productivity garden tourHighvale
1330Upcycled down-to-earth garden tour Highvale
1400Productive suburban plot tourFerny Hills
1400Sustainable Hilltop Farm tour Dayboro
1430 Treechangers acreage escape garden tour Highvale
1430Lot 81 tourFerny Hills

Open Day gardens

Details of each of our 9 open gardens are available on our Open Day Gardens page.

Please respect our gardeners’ privacy. Visits outside this event are forbidden.

Activities and food

There’s loads to do on the Open Day in and around Samford Village:


Samford Village is wheelchair accessible.

While our gardens do not meet wheelchair accessibility standards, many are easy to visit for most mobility levels. Gardens are each rated according to their ease of access on the 2021 Open Day Gardens page as either:

  • Easy (some sloping and variable surfaces)
  • Moderate (some uphill gradients and uneven ground)
  • Somewhat challenging (a few steep gradients and trip hazards)

Most gardens have bees and animals like poultry and some have livestock. There are no dangerous dogs on any of the properties. While we love our furry friends, visitors dogs are prohibited at all Open Day venues.

For all visits please wear sturdy footwear, suitable clothing for outdoor activities, sunscreen and a hat.

This is a family event, and we hope children will come and be inspired to create their own edible garden at home. We do ask that children be supervised at all times to protect their safety; and that all visitors stay on the paths as some of the garden areas would be easily damaged if stepped on.


Public toilet facilities are available in Samford and are listed in the Trail Guide.

Please note that there are no toilets at the Open Day gardens. Open Day garden houses and other structures like sheds are off limits to visitors.

COVID-19 Safety

The Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day is operating under a Queensland Government Covid Safe Event Checklist. In purchasing a ticket, you agree to comply with the requirements of this checklist as directed by our volunteers, including practising good hygiene, social distancing, and regular hand sanitising. 

  • Only ticket holders will be permitted to enter Open Day gardens and venues.
  • Please purchase your tickets online.
  • Children under 18, while free, must also book a ticket in order to meet the requirements of our COVID Safe Event Checklist.
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