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Visit our Samford Edible Garden Trail Open WEEKEND 2022

This page provides all the information you’ll need to make the most out of the Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day Weekend 2022.

Trail Guide and Map

Ticket holders will be emailed a digital PDF of the Trail Guide and Map in the week before the event. The Trail Guide will include addresses of all gardens, information on facilities and activities, and garden descriptions – everything you need to plan your day or weekend on the Samford Edible Garden Trail. See a sneak peek below.

Design your own Trail

This is a self-paced Trail, so in other words, you get to choose which gardens and which order suits you! You can meander through each garden at your own pace, or time your visit to coincide with a garden tour. The garden hosts will be available throughout the day to answer questions.

Based on feedback from 2021, many people reported that they enjoyed focusing on 3-4 gardens in a day. Of course, if you are super keen you can zoom around to all of them – but just remember to take time to stop and smell the herbs along the way too.

Garden Open Times & Tour times

Here is a sneak peek from the May 2022 Trail Guide – which mentions things that have changed, e.g. the panel discussion. Here you will find which gardens are open on which days + tour times. The addresses are blocked out as these will be emailed to Ticket Holders in the week before the Trail starts.

Other things to do on the Trail

There is so much to do on the Trail besides just visiting the gardens. Take the time out to delight your tastebuds by visiting one of Samford’s Best Cafes who will be showcasing locally grown food on their menu over the weekend.

Come along and listen to what is sure to be an inspiring and memorable panel discussion led by Costa from Gardening Australia. The panel will be exploring how to support locally grown food & local initiatives for change.


Samford Village is wheelchair accessible. However, the gardens have lawn or walking pathways, so wheelchair accessibility may be difficult. If you have specific requirements with accessibility or parking, please contact us directly and we will do our best to help you plan which gardens to visit and also make arrangements to help with parking so that you can get the most out of your day.

We have included accessibility information with each garden description – and a brief summary below.

For all gardens please wear sturdy footwear, suitable clothing for outdoor activities, sunscreen and a hat.

Easy access

Moderate access


Be mindful that most gardens have bees and animals like poultry and some have livestock. There are no dangerous dogs on any of the properties.

While we love our furry friends, visitors pet dogs are prohibited at all Open Day venues. Please leave them at home and NOT in your car as you will be surprised how the time flies when you are in the garden and we do not want them to get distressed.

This is a family event, and we hope children will come and be inspired to create their own edible garden at home. We do ask that children be supervised at all times to protect their safety; and that all visitors stay on the paths as some of the garden areas would be easily damaged if stepped on.


Public toilet facilities are available in Samford Village and at various local parks. They will be listed on the Trail Guide.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities at the private gardens.

COVID-19 Safety

The Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day is operating under a Queensland Government Covid Safe Event Checklist. In purchasing a ticket, you agree to comply with the requirements of this checklist as directed by our volunteers, including practising good hygiene, social distancing, and regular hand sanitising. 

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