About us

The Samford Edible Garden Trail (or The Trail as we like to call it) is a not for profit community initiative that started in early 2020. The Trail is organised by a handful of volunteers who are local to Samford and surrounds. Each of us share a love of eating food that we have grown ourselves; and an inner knowing that small acts of change can grow into something much bigger.    

Some of the volunteers of the Trail in 2021

The Trail has 3 goals: 

  1. To share information about backyard edible gardening, with the intent to inspire people to grow food in their own backyards
  2. To share information about our local small-scale growers, with the intent that more people would support buying food locally
  3. To make a positive contribution to the promotion of Samford and surrounds as a region that values sustainability, locally grown food, and community

Tune into our Facebook page, or our YouTube channel to join in the fun, learn more about growing your own food, and let’s all grow together!

Our Supporters

The Samford Edible Garden Trail is supported by the Samford and Districts Progress and Protection Association. Any profits from this event will be used to support the establishment and continuation of edible gardens in schools and our local community. 

We offer our thanks to Councillor Grimwade, and Moreton Bay Regional Council for a grant received in 2020 to purchase camera equipment for our virtual Trail.

We gratefully acknowledge the support from the Samford Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank as the sponsor of the Samford Edible Garden Trail. 

Our team

We’re a group of local volunteers. We’re all gardening enthusiasts who love eating what we’ve grown ourselves, sharing knowledge and connecting with our community. We’re working together to help gardeners everywhere connect to the Samford Valley and get inspired to get their hands dirty!

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