Samford Edible Garden Trail

Reclaimed Edible Oasis - parking

The Reclaimed Edible Oasis is on a 60km/hr zone rural track with minimal street parking.  There is, however, plenty of off-street parking available on a road reserve beside the property. 

Please enter the road reserve (middle driveway) and keep to the left.  Park on the right, perpendicular to the property boundaries to allow maximum car spaces and emergency services to still access the road reserve if required.

There will be a few parking spaces for those with mobility concerns closest to the welcome desk and beside the dragon fruit. 

It is best to come to this garden from the east (from Bunya Road), and then leave to the west (heading towards Samford) to assist with traffic flow.

Please respect the neighbours and drive at a safe speed in the off-street parking area.

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