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May 2024

Discover the Open Gardens of 2024

We are excited to bring you a range of inspiring edible gardens in 2024 – some of which are open for the first time to the public. See below for details of the gardens currently confirmed, including accessibility and access for each of these fantastic gardens.

The Wicking Bed

Harvest in a Native Garden




Edible Oasis

Haven on the Hill

Veggie Patch

The Hills
Organic Garden

The Permaculture Outhouse Garden

Down-to-earth garden

The Wicking Bed Garden

Lee knows everything about wicking beds!

This garden is full of different types of wicking beds growing an array of fruit and vegetables. You can see how they are made, using various styles and materials, to meet the challenge of poor soil and limited water. Wicking beds are efficient irrigation systems that work well in our climate and are used all around the world where water is scarce.

What can you see at this garden?

  • Different types of wicking beds and how they are made!
  • Established fruit trees in wicking beds
  • Composting system and worm farms
  • Shade house set up with wicking beds
  • Seedling raising
  • Lee’s tips and tricks for establishing a wicking bed garden

Location: Wights Mountain

Accessibility: Moderately steep driveway with easy access within the garden along sloping lawn, gravel and mulch paths.

wicking bed
wicking bed

Harvest in a Native Garden

Keith and Sarah have transformed their property through thoughtful design, into a haven for native species amongst an extensive mix of edibles. Waterways have been created to harness stormwater and interesting systems used for pest management and composting. Different eco and growing zones create fascinating diversity in this garden.

What can you see at this garden?  

  • Large, enclosed vegetable garden with pathways through long rows of annuals and perennials; it even contains a mango tree!
  • Smaller, food forest style area with drainage swales
  • Bokashi composting system
  • Irrigation systems including drip irrigation in the vegetable garden and a large underground system in the orchard and open areas
  • Designed waterways, with leaky weirs and native plants to transform a challenging storm water situation into a beautiful and useful resource for the garden
  • Orchard of citrus, blueberries, pomegranate and much more with a mix of pumpkin, sweet potato and native volunteer ground covers
  • Protection for the orchard in the form of DIY height-adjustable netting covers and fruit fly traps
  • Areas with a mix of native fruit trees such as Davidson plum and pink lime berries amongst exotic fruits and nuts

Location: Camp Mountain

Accessibility and Parking: Moderately steep, long driveway but areas of interest begin close to the entrance. Plenty of street parking.


Tony and Ruth’s garden, opening for a third year on the trail, is something to behold. The formal design includes an impressive orchard, with garden edging and built-in irrigation, planted in rows running north to south to take full advantage of the sunlight. The vegetable gardens are highly productive, incorporating a 5-bed rotation system. And, if you like chook houses you really need to check this one out!

What can you see at Mellstock?

  • Orchard, planned in 6 long rows of 21m x 1.5m
  • Grapes for table and wine making, cider apples, variety of stone fruits, citrus, olives and raspberries
  • Vegetable garden in 7 rows of 6m x 1.5m beds using crop rotation system 
  • New additions including the Brassica Boudoir and Ring of Fire!
  • Water run-off management with native gardens & berms 
  • Enclosed dam and chook house
  • Top bar bee hive and native bee hive

Location: Samford Valley

Accessibility:  Gently sloping block with easy access along short driveway; easy street parking



Pauline & Rob’s large village garden is a labour of love, showcasing a beautiful mix of edibles, ornamentals and natives. Dragon fruit grows in abundance on 28 stands, featuring 12 different varieties, behind unique DIY snow pea trellises and a 75 square meter raised vegetable bed. A productive orchard, a 20-year-old jaboticaba hedge, & garden art such as ‘Murtle the Turtle’ are among the many wonders on offer.

What can you see at Parkview?  

  • Orchard, in lovely corner of the garden, of citrus, along with macadamia, elderberry, bananas, finger limes and more
  • Various methods of fertilising, including horse manure around orchard
  • Ginger in growing bags
  • Edibles surrounded by beautiful, tropical style gardens
  • Natives, including a 30-year-old bottle tree
  • Flowering, cottage garden style section 

Location: Samford Village

Accessibility and Parking: Probably our most easily accessible garden! Direct access to the garden from the road via flat bitumen driveway. Plenty of street parking.



Anna & Dave have created an abundant paradise of edibles, using permaculture principles and systems in their sloping hillside garden. Water is actively managed using long swales designed to capture run off & allow this precious resource to soak into fruit trees & perennials. This large garden is thriving and if you visited on the trail last year, you will be amazed by the growth!

What can you see at Coddiwomple?  

  • Solutions for planting on a slope using permaculture principles
  • Swales form the structure of the main part of the edible garden with 4 swales ranging from 30 to 100 metres along the hillside, working with the natural flow of water
  • Cover crops, perennials and fruit trees thriving in the swales
  • 100 + varieties of fruit trees including some older trees
  • Banana circle, dragon fruit structures & bamboo tee pees
  • Unique worm farm
  • Top bar bee hive with viewing panel
  • Look out for the Samford Edible Exchange on the roadside verge in front of the property

Location: Camp Mountain

Accessibility and Parking: Access into the property is easy, with a flat driveway alongside the sloping swales area. Parking may be a little challenging along the roadside due to the high speed limit and traffic volume.

Reclaimed Edible Oasis

Kerrie & Neil’s enthusiasm for growing edibles and willingness to share information has inspired so many visitors. This beautiful, garden oasis is designed for the elements. The location, in a dry bush fire zone on unforgiving shale, has informed choices, from access, structures using interesting reclaimed materials, to plants. Raised vegetable beds, shade structure, fruit trees, interesting perennials, a passionfruit arbour, chilli beds & more, are on display. This garden is a story of creation, working with the space for safety, abundance & pleasure. 

What can you see at this garden?

  • Thoughtfully designed for purpose with big picture thinking
  • Natural setting, overlooking bushland
  • Solutions for poor soil and limited water
  • Frog pond with frog hotel
  • Reclaimed concrete sleepers used as edging for the raised beds
  • Creative use of repurposed materials throughout
  • Composting bays
  • Large shade cloth structure
  • Garden beds designed at angles from a central point, with new additions since last year

 Location: Bunya

Accessibility: Moderate. Main garden area is flat with stairs & steeper access to other parts of the garden. Please take note of parking instructions on the trail guide.

Haven on the Hill

Edible gardening and landscaping are combined beautifully at John & Pauline’s 1.5 acre block in Highvale. Between them, they have a wealth of knowledge built up over years of organic gardening and have taken full advantage of gardening on a hill. You will be inspired by the new raised garden beds growing some unusual edible delights.

What can you see at Haven on the Hill?  

  • Learn about hügelkultur gardening and it’s benefits
  • Terraced raised vegetable beds, and tubs following the hillside
  • Trellises, composting, mulching and irrigation systems
  • Fruit trees running along the contour to catch water runoff, including a fantastic dwarf banana swale
  • A highly productive method of growing ginger and turmeric in raised garden beds
  • An enclosed swale for protection from birds and possums, growing citrus, pineapples, turmeric and more
  • Large chicken run

Location: Highvale

Accessibility: Moderate (steep driveway, terraced garden & stairs)

Haven on a Hill_1
Haven on a Hill_2

Village Veggie Patch

This quaint suburban patch features a creative mix of repurposed materials in different garden rooms. Soil making, unique seed planting & square foot gardening methods create productive raised beds. A special hand-built greenhouse is among the creations of this character filled garden.

What can you see at the Village Vege Patch?

  • Several structures in the garden all built by hand from recycled materials including, greenhouse, chook house, cubby, white picket fence, creative replica fireplace
  • Raised vegetable/herb garden beds
  • Passionate about seed saving and raising
  • Unique seed planting using tool for rammed earth squares
  • Use of square foot gardening method for planting edibles to maximise use of small space
  • Companion planting and combining a mix of edibles in each raised bed
  • Mix of new and established fruit trees
  • Bamboo teepees
  • Tropical garden room demonstrates planting for conditions in area identified as wetter – features ‘cubby in the rainforest’
  • Loads of character

Location: Samford Village

Accessibility: Village location in a narrow street but many parking options close by. Very short, steep driveway.

The Hills Organic Garden

This inspiring community garden has been growing connections and fresh produce for nearly a decade. It is a vibrant, welcoming space where members gather amongst the diverse garden beds, wicking beds, and a beautiful, newly built, timber trellis area. The garden provides an opportunity for people to come together, learn from one another, grow friendships and share in their harvest.

What can you see at this garden?

  • An established, friendly, community organic garden
  • 30+ garden beds, including 6 wicking beds
  • Beds made from a variety of materials and styles, some upcycled, including bath tubs, timber and metal
  • A range of interesting, well-known and more unusual, edibles brought together by members, including rosellas, asparagus, native raspberries, finger lime, bananas and herbs
  • Climbers like new guinea bean and dragon fruit
  • Newly built, timber trellis and arbour, growing passionfruit over a ground cover of pumpkin varieties
  • Established compost area
  • Talk to members about how the garden works and its value to the community

Location: Bunya

Accessibility: Parking is limited to the verge of busy Bunya Road. Please be careful. Moderately steep, short path down to the garden

Hills Organic Garden
Hills Organic Garden

Permaculture Outhouse Garden

Artists, Craig & Sarah’s beautiful suburban garden is based on an evolving permaculture design. It showcases the use of methods such as hügelkultur, composting, water management, creating biomass, guilds & companion planting. Working with the unique conditions of the site, and its natural cycles and systems. This is a wonderful example of what can be grown with limited space and time.

What can you see at this garden?                

  • 3-year-old garden based on permaculture plans drawn up during a course attended by Craig. Design includes, whole site, energy assessment, water management, sun, land works & zoning.
  • Verge garden, raised with natural woven fencing
  • Smart methods of water use, directing water through the property with drainage, using contours and mini swales
  • Focus on soil as the heart of the garden
  • Beginnings of food forest using layering of plant heights
  • A focus on working with nature & natural cycles such as moon planting & using the functions of plants over their lifetime
  • Green manure and cover crops
  • Crop rotation & companion planting
  • Cottage garden style mix of plants for medicinal use, bee attracting & pest management
  • Chicken coop in progress from original outhouse

Location: Samford Village

Accessibility: Village location plenty of parking options. Easy access to front garden. Moderate access to back garden over uneven ground. 

Down-to-Earth Garden

This ever-evolving garden, created by Trent and Peita for enjoyment and experimentation, offers simple, practical gardening strategies. Be inspired by upcycled raised gardens, a food forest on a slope and an establishing patch of native edibles. Located high on the ridge, backing onto the forest with gorgeous views across the valley, brave the driveway to soak in the beauty!

What can you see at this garden?  

  • DIY upcycled raised beds from spa baths and water tanks full of leafy greens and other seasonal veggies and flowers
  • Food forest on a slope, capturing water, with mini-swales and layered fruit trees and perennials
  • Dwarf banana trees in abundance used for large scale chop and drop with the banana leaves, and trunks put to good use retaining moisture and suppressing weeds
  • Edible ground covers like strawberries, add texture as a living mulch
  • Soil creation with horse manure and tree mulch delivered in bulk
  • A passion for bush regeneration

 Location: Highvale

Accessibility: Moderate with a long, steep driveway, sloped and flat areas in the garden.

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